Packaging done plus some final production sample fun!

Hey everyone,

Sending you all well wishes and hoping wherever you are in the world you’re getting by okay.

I just wanted to send out an update about us receiving the final production samples and let you know where everything is at.

Pre-leather final production samples and completed packaging

I thought it would be great to share a little video with you since we have received our final produced samples (see above) and to show you through a few of the exciting fixes as well as a couple of the remaining hurdles.

In addition to what I explained in the video we’re also working through one last little ‘quality of life’ fix. We feel that the card holders in the wallet run the risk of going off in your pocket if you were to bump your pocket, in order to fix this we are reducing the slight dome on the buttons and reinforcing the button spring with higher density wire. This means a slightly harder button press, but we believe it will avoid the risk of those pesky pocket flicks. There is such a fine line to find that beautiful press feel vs. releasing too easily.


As I also said in the video, all of our packaging has now been completed and is currently being shipped to dad, so it is ready to go once we get the produced wallets completed and delivered to us.


The factory is now telling us they should be able to make the final adjustments, manufacture and assemble the wallets by mid August - but we are pushing to get a more exact date for you.

Dad has been working around the clock to solve the leather and pocket issues I explained in the video, but we feel we’re going to be in a good place to have the leather ready to go by the time the wallets arrive in Melbourne. So it should be a slick operation wrapping them in the new Italian leather, boxing them up and shipping them off to you.

In the next few weeks we will be asking for your address updates as well as giving you the most up to date information as it comes to light.

Thanks again for your continued understanding and patience as we get through all of these challenges and we hope you’re as pumped up as us to get these awesome creations in your hands.

Cheers again,

Ben, Pete + Liam

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