Project Update #2: Hitting $30k as the design continues to evolve! - The World's First Tap Card Wallet! by TAPSQUIRE

Hitting $30k as the design continues to evolve!

Hey friends, 

Welcome to the many new backers who have jumped on board since our last update.  We are so very grateful for all the support.  Behind the scenes, we are doing everything we can to ensure your TAPSQUIRE purchase will be as special as we imagined it would be from day one. 

Thanks to all of you, we have now passed the 150% mark and sit at just over $30,000.  The funding so far will assist with further development, prototyping, and rigorous testing as we continue to build a very unique wallet design with style and quality at the forefront.

Amongst the many messages, a few people have been asking the dimension of the wallet.  At this stage, it sits at 92mm in length and 78mm in width which makes it easily usable with just one hand.  Regarding the thickness, we are continuing to make the wallet as slim as physically possible.  As we develop further in optimizing the design, we will confirm the exact thickness however we are proud to say it currently sits between just 11- 13mm (which is 2-3mm thinner than what you see in the video/ images).  It's also worth noting that when your cards are placed inside any of our quick flick card holders, different to many other wallets, a TAPSQUIRE wallet will not increase in thickness.

The incredible team at Outerspace Designs in Melbourne has been continuously working away to further optimize the design of TAPSQUIRE.  Yesterday, we met with them once again as they shared with us some of the prototypes for our next phase.  Exciting times!

Here is a pic of Alex and Fred from Outerspace bringing their magic to the TAPSQUIRE party.

Thanks you to everyone for backing dad and I to deliver a great product.  It is because of you that we can actually bring this to life.  If you have any friends who you think would enjoy joining us on this journey, please spread the TAPSQUIRE love. Every little share or word of mouth conversation goes a long way at this early stage.  But most of all, thanks again to every single one of you, have an amazing day!

Cheers for now, 

Ben & Pete

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