Project Update #3: It's all because of you! - Style + Ease in a Wallet! by TAPSQUIRE

It's all because of you!

Dad and I are so incredibly grateful to all 459 of you for getting behind TAPSQUIRE.  

18 months back we had a simple idea: to create a quality, stylish wallet like no other that makes tapping smart cards super quick and easy.  It has been more challenging than we could have ever imagined but we've continued to push on through because we believe so much in this.  When we launched on Kickstarter our aim was to share our vision with you the best way we could.  To have you all join us on this journey from such an early stage and be willing to back TAPSQUIRE is incredibly special to both of us.    

We raised $42,827 thanks to all 459 of you and landed at #3 worldwide in most popular fashion out of almost 30,000 fashion projects on Kickstarter.

From here, we will continue to give it our all to create a one of a kind wallet that you can be proud to say you made possible.  This week we again met with the incredible design team at outerspace and I'm so wrapped with how the newest design is coming together.  It will be sleeker, higher quality and more stylish than we could have ever imagined.  We have now sent off to get another 2 prototypes made that we will rigorously test to make sure your TAPSQUIRE is everything we have promised and more.

As we build from this idea into a fully-fledged business it will take many more hours of us working around the clock and financial investment from our end. But to know you are here with us makes it all that little bit easier.  

As we said in the Kickstarter, delivery dates are looking like December but we will continue to keep you in the loop as each stage of the process comes to fruition. 

  • Further Design + Prototyping
  • Rigorous Testing
  • Design for Manufacturing 
  • Confirming Suppliers
  • Tooling 
  • Manufacturing
  • Packaging 
  • Shipping 

Thanks again, with all our hearts for joining us for the ride.  We know this is only the beginning but we couldn't be happier with the Kickstart you have given our dream and the support for us to make TAPSQUIRE a reality.

Cheers again

Ben + Pete

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