Project Update #4: Testing, Testing... and a little more testing. - Style + Ease in a Wallet! by TAPSQUIRE

Testing, Testing... and a little more testing.

Hello friends,

We hope you're all incredibly well.

Dad and I wanted to update you about how everything is going at camp TAPSQUIRE.  We have been working around the clock to continue to create for you the wallet we promised and more.  This week we received our newest prototype which is sleeker, slimmer, with an even more durable button system. Check it out below, sitting between my current wallet and my mates.   

We have had several challenges keeping it to the ultimate slimness but it is looking like we have found a solution that we are really happy with.  Besides our focus on keeping it as slim as possible, we have been ruthless about testing and making sure it holds up to everyday wallet flicking life.  These non-negotiables of giving you the best possible version we can is taking extra time and more financial investment from our end.  However, we believe it is incredibly important to deliver to you something really special that we are super proud to put our name to and something that you are super proud to flick all over town.  As part of the process to make sure your TAPSQUIRE holds up to a flicking fantastic life, dad has used his engineering wizardry and made this super cool testing machine that is firing away in his garage as we speak. Currently we sit at 15,000+ flick outs and still flicking...

Recipe for One Bad Ass Testing Machine 

  • 3 x Tent Pegs
  • 1 x Rotisserie
  • 1 x Door Handle
  • 2 x Draw Sliders 
  • 1 x Video Machine (VCR) Roller 
  • A sprinkle of other random things

Here's one we prepared earlier: 

Huge thanks again from dad and I for being on this journey with us.  It's a crazy road starting your own thing and creating something that never existed before. More challenges, more time, more investment, more learnings, more sacrifices and more of everything than we could have imagined. With all this in mind, it not only adds to how grateful we are for your support but how much more rewarding it is as we jump each hurdle and dive through each hoop to get through to the other side.

Many, many thanks 

Ben & Pete 

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