Project Update #5: Design optimisation, timeline updates + content man Dan. - Style + Ease in a Wallet! by TAPSQUIRE

Final Tweek'n, design optimisation, timeline updates + content man Dan.

Hey all,

I hope everyone is well... wherever you may be in the world.  

At this end, dad and I have been incredibly busy taking on all of the challenges that come with creating something that never existed before.  Like any start up, each day is filled with new learnings, hurdles that appear and high fives as we get through them.  Through all this we have continued to keep our focus on creating the best possible product for all you backers.  We have refused to take the easy route which has meant that things are taking more time and we've had to invest more money into design, but we both agree with no question, that when we deliver the final product it will all be worth it.  We have continued to optimise the wallet for sleekness and durability, all while making sure the functionality is of a quality that we are proud to deliver to you.

Some recent challenges we have faced:

Goal: Keep the design as thin as possible. 

Problem: After getting the most recent prototype individually machined, we discovered that due to the thinness of the backing of the card holder we were unable to get a mould produced that was capable of manufacturing the card holder so thin.  This was incredibly frustrating as we were very excited about how this was looking and feeling in our hands.  The easy solution would have been to go back to the original thickness but we were very committed to keep it as sleek as possible.  This has meant several more weeks of design that has caught us off guard. 

Solution: We then dived back in and began redesigning the card holders from the original slide in card holder to a thicker backing slide in tray.  The awesome thing here was that it meant by doing this we could still keep the wallet at the exact same thinness we had in the most recent prototype. This was a great win and certainly high five worthy.

Ultimately, due to this and a few other times where we have made decisions to enhance the product to another level our delivery time has been affected.  Originally we were looking at a delivery date of late December but this is now looking to be another 4-6 weeks later with a delivery date closer to Jan/ Feb.  We sincerely apologize for the delay but are confident that the improvement in the product will be certainly worth the extended timeline.

Due to spending every second possible deep into design optimization and developing TAPSQUIRE, I am aware that time between updates on here and posts on social have slowed down a little.  Although it feels like you backers are here with us every step of the way, the only way you know what is going on is if we share this journey more regularly and keep you updated. So this is something I plan to improve moving forward with some fun social updates in the coming weeks.  To help achieve this, I've recruited the assistance of my great mate/ ex-Uber colleague/ content creative legend/ TAPSQUIRE backer... Dan.  We are stoked to have Dan jumping onboard to help share the love.  

Here is a pic of our smiling faces with the newest slimmer, sleeker prototype.

Overall, dad and I are really proud of where everything is at and cannot wait to get your TAPSQUIRE to you.  We truly do believe that once you get your hands on your very own TAPSQUIRE, you're going to love it just as much as we do.  But for now, stay with us on this journey for a little longer and we'll be sure keep you in the loop a little more.

Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts

Ben & Pete

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