RFID protective metal casing, leather goodness and next steps...

Hey all, 

Before anything else, dad and I hope everyones 2020 is off to a great start and we want to wish you all an amazing year ahead.  We are both super pumped for what's in store for 2020.  We have no doubt there will be a bunch of exciting new challenges sent our way, as well as many high five moments to share.  After the last 2 years on this crazy journey, diving through hurdles, working our butts off and investing a bunch financially (with the help of all of you amazing humans)... we will finally get to see our baby come to life.

In this update we wanted to share:

  •  1. One of our redesigned/ tested metal casing prototypes live in action 
  •  2. Where our send out timeline is at 
  •  3. A leather update 
  •  4. And next steps 

1.) Recently in my hometown of Melbourne, Australia I was catching the train home from work and I needed to recharge money on my MYKI (transport card).  I had one of the more recent prototypes with me so I thought I'd film a little video of the unique and easy experience that a TAPSQUIRE offers. Check out below as I recharge that bad boy in record time with some one handed PRESS. TAP. GO. TAPSQUIRE action.  

2.) Regarding our timeline towards send out, it will be a few weeks later than we had hoped for and instead of the end of Feb we are on track for later in March. The main reason behind this is because we have moved to a metal casing on the top and bottom panel using the process of die-casting.  This further offers a higher quality unit and an even sturdier product.  It also adds to the level of RFID protection and if you plan to drive over it with a truck* we've got you covered.  We'll be doing everything we can to get this to you as soon as possible and we have no doubt that the slight delayed run to the finish line with be all worth it once you get it in your hand. 

*driving over it with a truck however is probably not recommended :)

3.) Through the evolution of several prototypes we have laser cut the leather logo to get an idea of how it looks. I'm now excited to share the first taste of the logo embossed in the below photo. We will still be deciding on the actual leather texture we go with but this image at least gives you a closer look at the direction the embossed logo is heading.  

4.) As you can see from the timeline image we are now hitting our final run of steps towards delivery. After 18 months of research we have now chosen a great factory to work with.  By the end of next week DFM (Design for Manufacturing) will be completed, then it's time to begin tooling!!!  It's a really exciting time for us now and we hope that you are all just as excited to be the first in the world to get your hands on a TAPSQUIRE.  A few of you have asked about delivery addresses and we are aware that some of you would like to update yours.  No need to worry, we will be sending out a request to you for your most recent postal address before we send anything out.

I've said this many times before, but I'll continue to say it.  Thank you so much for helping dad and I bring this pipe dream to life.  We are so damn close now and we are pretty damn excited about it.

Ben & Pete 

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