This crazy new world... COVID - 19 Challenges and where everything is at!

Hey everyone, 

On behalf of dad and myself, I  wanted to start by sharing a video message to send you and your family and friends many heartfelt well wishes of good health through this unprecedented and incredibly crazy time in the world.  Wherever you may be across the globe I have no doubt your life in someway has been effected by COVID-19 and we hope you are keeping your spirits up. This message also shares where everything is currently at with TAPSQUIRE and the delivery of your wallets.



Beyond a lot of back and forth with the factory and doing everything we can to keep pushing forward, I actually played some live music this weekend (which I haven't done in years) as part of the @isolaidfestival live stream on instagram from my home. Afterwards, my housemates and I ended up lighting up a fire pit in our backyard and roasting marshmallows. It was random, we had some great laughs, but overall we just made the most of being locked up in our home and the current situation many of us face. It felt like one of the first times since I started TAPSQUIRE 2 years back that I stepped back, chilled out and took a deep breath. Below is an image of me doing my thing on Instagram.


In regards to where everything is at with TAPSQUIRE, we are continuing to dive in deep to get your wallets delivered to you as soon as possible. In saying that (and I hope you can all understand) that due to the current situation there will be delays beyond our control.  We have been working close with our factory partner to this update to you as soon as possible.  Everything is still moving forward with their production line however they are way over capacity and very understaffed. This is obviously shattering to us and I imagine it's disappointing to you as well, but we have our health, are keeping a positive mindset and will continue pushing forward. Overall things are coming along really nicely at the factory and they are doing a great job under the circumstances.  As you can see below we have some super cool tooling underway which is a very exciting stage. 


After many discussions with the factory over the last couple of weeks and still several unknowns, instead of sending out your wallets in late April it is now looking like we will be sending them out sometime in June which is likely to mean delivery at your mail box in July. Again we hope you understand and can appreciate we are doing everything we possibly can to get your TAPSQUIRE to you as soon as possible and we also want to be as transparent as possible about the challenges we are facing. To align with this, we have included our timeline below for your reference: 

 Link to timeline HERE


Thanks for your understanding and stay safe everyone.

Many thanks

Ben and Pete

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