About Us

In February 2018 my father and I decided to set out on a mission to create a stylish unique designer wallet like no other.

A TAPSQUIRE offers a quick and easy solution where at the press of a button you have the exact card you need ready for tapping. Whether it's your bank card, your office entry or your train card, we have you covered. 

We put style, ease and quality at the forefront and are offering pre-sales at a discount.

After launching on Kickstarter in July 2019 and smashing through our target, we now head toward final design optimisation and manufacture and will be shipping worldwide in 2020.

Get onboard early and join us as we PRESS. TAP. GO.

- - - - - - -


Ben Campain: Established a strong presence as an independent artist (check out his spotify here) in the entertainment industry building a world class team. Decided to step away from the industry to begin working behind the scenes with Uber during its rapid growth in the Australian market from 2015 - 2019.

Peter Campain: Grew up in an engineering business owned by his father.  Went on to run his own business developing safety instrumentation in the mining industry.